Attendance Policy

State Mandated Attendance Policy

Please keep in mind attendance policies are mandated at the state level (not the district level) and our state funding is directly tied to them.

What is considered an “excused” absence?

The State is very clear about what is — and what is not — considered an excused absence:

• Illness is an excused absence.
• Family travel is NOT an excused absence

Personal matters must be verified in writing and may or may not fall into the excused category depending on the matter.

Please Notify the School of ALL Absences

Any absence that has NOT been verified by phone, email or note is considered “Unverified” and is Unexcused. Several Unexcused OR Unverified absences automatically generate a truancy letter from the district.

If your Student is going to be absent or if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Lubin at (718) 776-7370.